Fake Movies

Movies that do not exist, posters. They date back to the desire of a child who looked at the colorful posters of films and dreamed of becoming a poster designer. And here is the final attempt to escape from his weaknesses through the use of irony, pathetic negotiation with which one keeps alive their own desires without admitting them. Let’s not expose ourselves, let’s expose our contradictions to public mockery, and this will let us continue to feed them without having to be ashamed of them. The irony as an attempt to not put ourselves into question: no one can accuse you of anything because you're ironic. You have distanced yourself.
Onze chose this Russian roulette: believes and doesn’t believe. He’s on the defensive in the moment he exposes his work: he launches the attack on himself and to others saying that there will be no survivors. His fake movies are a ritual slaughter, in which he brings into play his own coherence to avoid the vanity of being above the common feeling.
Onze is an honest killer. He does not kill someone.
He destroys everything.

Daniele Brolli

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