The exhibition

The exhibition, a collection of Onze’s productions from 2007 to today, focuses on the themes of 'the face, body, the city', testifying the close grip that art has with contemporary reality, in the strong desire to speak of today’s humanity and its social issues. "Onze’s faces, bodies and landscapes depart from the historical avant-garde, and return, but at the same time -- stresses the intellectual Goffredo Fofi - they are today, they are our own, they are contemporary and belong to the age which is called the globalization". "Industrial landscapes recall the suburbs at the time of the German Weimar (Radziwill) and later, those of Italian Mussolini’s era (Sironi). The ways in which he divides or overlaps, decomposes or composes songs of shapes and colors recall Rodcenko”. When the works of Onze must answer to satisfy the needs of clients, the works aren’t interpreted as a limitation but as "a challenge in which the product required (cover, illustration, poster, etc.) must first be appropriate to its task - says Giromini, curator of the exhibition – then meet customer expectations and, last but not least, be a worthy representation of the artist’s style "; in this light the exhibition in Tokyo is a testimony of the researched art that is not detached from the social function of the work. Onze’s main characteristic is the synthesis between abstract and utility, between coherence and eclecticism, between personal style and business needs that will make his artistic works a vital sign of present time. In his work, adds Fofi, "his exploration is coherent, consequent. It is the light of restlessness from which those who are alive should never feel excluded".

Photo by Alessandro Palazzi

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