the Face, the Body, the City

Humanized- the Face, the Body, the City is the title of the monographic exhibition dedicated to the Roman artist Onze - which will be inaugurated Saturday, July 18 in Tokyo at the prestigious seat of the Italian Institute of Culture in Kudanshita. The event represents an important goal for Italian creativity and brings to the land of the Rising Sun one of its most eclectic and original exponents. The exhibition, organized by the Italian Institute of Culture and Beware of the Wolves from Rome in collaboration with Garde Italy, with patronage by the Municipality of Rome and the Italy-Japan Foundation, and curated by Ferruccio Giromini, will be open to the public until August 1.
The Artist, Stefano Centonze - who signs his works with his shortened “Onze”, has marked his twenty plus year career by his illustrative activities, combining a rigorous application of technique with the demands of industry, the old manual with the biting effect of the affiche and advertising. The result is a contemporary style, recognizable and capable of producing effective contaminations between techniques and genres in an immediate and explosive language.
The exhibition offers a journey that spans more than 40 works by themes on face, body and city; llustrations for the book (reproduced in video) that meet a narrative project, and the project Affiches per una Cinecittà immaginaria (Posters for an Imaginary Cinecittà), where the artist - fascinated by posters of the films illustrated by large designers such as a Nano, De Seta, Cesselon - plays associating an image with a title to give the viewer the pleasure and the curiosity to "make another film. " The exhibition is enriched by video of Italian artist Alessandro Palazzi and Danish artist Flemming Borgen accompanying the visitor in the Onze art and language.

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